A downloadable black sands

Black Sands, Legends of Kemet

Genre: Visual Novel, RPG, Investigation

Languages:English (Fully Voiced), English (Text)

Visual Style: DreamWorks style graphics mixed with dark and mythological themes.

"Whether friend or tyrant, I will become a King!"

Welcome to the Rift, a dimensional tear located in Canaan where the ancient gods were created and where you must prove your worthiness to lead the world of men. You have allies and the training needed to fight, but nothing will prepare you for the wonders and horrors of the unstable plains in the Rift.

  • Manage Respect, Relationships, and Mental will when making decisions.
  • Assigning team members to missions best suited for them.
  • Discovering weaknesses to epic enemies through investigations.
  • Collecting real world lore and in game lore by discovering hidden items.
  • Unlocking secrets of the past by collecting memory gems.
  • Making timed decisions and avoiding damage in high intensity situations.
  • Leveling up your characters to specialize in unique skills.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the downloaded file and run the exe. It is a build for windows only.


Black Sands Alpha Demo.zip 294 MB


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this is only a demo right? It was awesome wish there was more

Nice game, awesome art though the heavy emotions could use some expressions to go with them. Really digging the gods/science lore and the character dynamics thus far, quite curious how you'll approach the combat and mission mechanics though.

other than some weird audio mixing (apedemak is crazy loud and i can hardly hear gilgamesh or nun), pretty solid!